Open files on customer pc


While still trying to give a chance to the Web version, is there a way to open folders or files on the customer pc ? if we save the location of the files let’s say ?

Because our app works a lot with files located in some shared drives we wanted to know if there is a way to open those folders and files from the web app.

We were considering to have as well something similar to a wrapper as a desktop app and then embedding the app with the html viewer to look like a normal app and using some kind of api to handle those processes but I guess it will have to work in a fluid way.


From what I understood while reading on the different forums , there Is a way calling http://file://server/share/folder/ but you need to set depending on the browser side , based on this link , so far I guess it is 10 years old but it was saying that some cannot be used unless you do some hacks, others you have to right click on it and so on.

Any feedback from XOJO ?

You can’t access files on the users computer without some interaction from them. In this case, it would be the WebFileUploader.

Well I did tested with a link and put file:///FileLocation and on chrome it worked by asking me to download that file , in this case, not opening it.

I was thinking to have an app and handle the files same way how you can handle now using feedback:// but still digging on that part , I guess URLHandlers is the right way to call it . This can be used on Mac and windows or is Mac only ?

Oh I see now… you’re not trying to send them to the app from the users computer, you are trying to send them to the users computer from somewhere else.

Then yes, if the path remains the same, you could use file:// to do that.

Another way would be to use a webFile to point to the file on the server and pass the webFile’s url property to ShowUrl.

yeah, currently we have some parsing part on our app that is taking some rtf templates, it is pre-filling them and then opening them in the default file editor , in our case Word, and from there the user prints the document or saves it to the location they want. Now if in case we go web, I guess I could do the opening on the server side as the web app will be on the same server where the file sharing is located, and process the file, move it to the user predefined location then open it for the user with the default file editor, I hope it’s more clear now.

I did tried to have a blank desktop app with a HTML Viewer to act as a wrapper, and I guess I’ll have to handle the URLHandler and have like myFiles://FileLocation as url, and once the user presses on that url should fire on Windows and Mac and open that specific file, but no idea if this will work in the HTMLViewer or not, and if the HTML Viewer will fully render the web app properly so I avoid Browser issues and having other problems.

So while apparently doing the URLHandler way it works properly, from a browser, doing that from the same desktop app with the HTML Viewer Wrapper it keeps on showing a weird message that I did not saw until now, We are having trouble communicating with the server. Please wait a moment while we attempt to reconnect. And never recovers. Is that a new thing ? or a bug ? and is there any workaround for this ?