open a popup menu

I have a custom control that has a floating popup menu over a listbox.
when I click on a cell in the listbox, I want to :

  • populate the listbox with values specific to that cell
  • set the popup menu listindex based on the current content of that cell
  • position the popup over the listbox cell coordinates
  • set the popup to visible
  • open the popup menu

however I can only get the first four to happen…
I have to click the popup itself to get it to “open”

I have to click on the popup itself after it appears to “open” it…

otherwise I’m going to have to mess with overlaying ANOTHER listbox and thats gets messy if things are near the edge etc.

EXAMPLE : like the ALIGNMENT property of a TEXTFIELD in the Property Inspector

Sounds like a dynamically created menu that you the call popup on ?

Thanks… that wasn’t exactly what I wanted (the visual isn’t the same)… but seems to be the only way to make it work

I’m in the same boat. Created a custom “dropdown” cell type that uses a Popup. However, I need to programmatically open the popup. There has to be a way!?

Could you do it as a ContextualMenu instead?

Thanks, Dale. I was looking into that. That might be the only way…

how about using a listbox instead of a popup ? it’s always open