Opacity setting not remembered?

I have set the Opacity for Fill Colour on Oval objects set to 0 % because I only want to see the Border Colour, but every time I restart Xojo, Fill Opacity is set back to 100 %. Why isn’t this setting remembered?

Set to 0:
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 06.59.11

After restarting Xojo:
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 07.03.14

I was able to fix it by setting Opacity to 1%. Saving and opening Xojo remembers this. Still a bug though…

Thats not a bug, that is bad coding. If you want to have your DesktopControls with an Opacity of 1%, you have to either subclass the Control and set the value in the subclass or you have to do it in each DesktopControl, e.g. when opening the control.

Using the System color picker to set a value does not work, as those value are not stored in your app…

Sorry but I disagree here. It’s not logical to know this. I can set a colour and that colour is still there when reopening Xojo, why would this be different for the Opacity setting? It’s part of the colour properties.

Are you talking about the settings inside the Apple Color Picker or about the Opacity of the DesktopControls?

I mean the opacity setting that you see in the colour picker:

The color picker is a feature of macOS. If you found any bug then it’s in macOS and not Xojo.

Thanks, I didn’t know this.