Opacity + Animator

I know there’s a whole bunch of browser issues with opacity support, However; If the same app runs vastly different in the same browser instance and the only difference if the XOJO version – something is up. I created what I think is a really nifty “fly-out” and “fly-in” effect for a listbox – and it was easy to do. Somebody clicks a button…and the Animator uses the Scale option to increase the control scale by say…20%…at the same time the opacity decreases to 0 - then (after a moment) the timer sets the controls visibility to False. – When somebody clicks another button… the control is made “visible” (at it’s last known size and opacity) and then I use the animator to scale the control back to 100% while increasing the opacity back 100%. It looks really great (on browsers that support this kinda thing).
When I run the program locally in debug it looks perfect when the app is built by XOJO 2015 R4.1 – but the opacity feature doesn’t work at all under XOJO 2016 R1 or R1.1 in fact…I disabled the “scale” part of the animation entirely and I can’t animate the opacity at all under the newer XOJO releases. I guess I need to file a bug report on Opacity animation? Can anyone corraborate this? — I tested opacity animation of a WebButton and it works fine. The issue seems to be with WebListbox (possibly others…have not tested additional controls).

Quick followup. I placed my Listbox inside a container control and then applied my opacity and scale affects to the container. This worked perfectly under 2016 R1.1 — this is ultimately what I planned on doing anyway. So… yay.

Xojo started adding the css “!important” tag to many styles to fix some bugs - it in turn caused a bunch of other headaches and issues.
My guess is that this is related.

A bug report would still be nice. We didn’t intend to break this.