Opacity and browsers

I am working on a website, using the Opacity method from the Animator a lot.

I assume that every modern browser supports this method, so I did not write any code to replace those methods in case the browser would not be able to handle the opacity function.

Is there any browser that could cause a problem, or is the probability negligible and not worthy of consideration?

Does anybody know?

It’s tough to keep track of all the individual features. Just test your pages as follows:

• Chrome, Safari, Firefox on Mac.
• Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE10+ in Windows.
• Mobile Safari on iOS.
• Chrome, Firefox on Android.

Feature-wise, keep notes of what’s working for you and isn’t. Sometimes, you’ll run into some obscure visual bug with a particular new browser version. For example, latest Chrome has issues unhighlighting after a click. If the next release of Chrome still has the issue, I might track down the problem and submit a bug report to Xojo or Chrome.

when working with opacity, please be aware of a bug that I had trouble with in the past: It seems that if you apply styles dynamically at runtime, the opacity setting is ignored most of the time. If you apply them at design time, it seems to be respected (despite of some controls that always have their trouble with it), see <https://xojo.com/issue/13588>