OOP Newbie

Hey there,

Total Newbie to OOP, and newbie to Xojo !
Xojo appears very powerful to me, and OOP very hermetic !

I shall assist to the 10th of july webinar, but i already try to understand bits of the whole…

For the moment, i struggle with the behavior of computed property…

I cannot understand why, when i insert MsgBox at the very beginning of a Get computed property, the box pops so often, for a single use of the instance ?

Thank you everybody for taking care of newbs

a msgbox has nothing to do in a get property … you will get a message each time the property is read !

and note, the property is read automatically everytime the app starts (its part of the Inspector Behaviour)

I would advise to start reading and doing some exercises from IntroductionToProgrammingWithXojo-PDF.
and with some knowledge of the language you can start learning OOP by watching these webinars:

Invest the time and afford to learn the concepts of OOP.

Also use: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/System.DebugLog instead of MsgBox.

And learn how to use the debugger. Sometimes I think 80% of all questions on this forum would never be asked if people knew how to debug their code.


@Dave Thank you

@Jean-Yves @Emile @Maximilian
I will use the debugger, for sure, it was just a very small test. Thank you.

@Josh I am on my learning way, thank you.

Last but not least for now, i want to be notified by email when someone replies in a post.
The Following button didn’t subscribed me.
Is there a way ?

Click on the Follow button, upper right corner.

My settings were not configured.