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I need to save data in the cloud data from a desktop app, so it can be easily used. I am the only one who will see this data. So I though of saving this in an online spreadsheet, like google docs. So I can easily extract, modify, do whatever needed with this data.
The desktop app will run in different computers.
I know there are a lot of solutions to this problem, like creating a webapi, managing a server, etc.
But I want the most straightforward, free, longlasting solution, and, if possible, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. And google spreadsheet seems overcomplicated for this, and I found no example code for that. I found something called . it seems to do exactly what I need, to simplify google sheets api, but it is paid.
I did created before code to interact with zoho creator, but it is paid service.
I also could make something with Zapier receiving and parsing an email, but again, overcomplicated
How would you do this?

Sqlite Database in Dropbox?

AirTable might be an option. There’s a sample project in the Xojo examples (Internet/Web Services). Also a webinar:

I second AirTable.

SQLite Database in Dropbox have 2 main problems: only one user at the same time and having to have dropbox installed in each computer.
It may me a good suggestion for one user database app

[quote=388514:@Paul Lefebvre]AirTable might be an option. There’s a sample project in the Xojo examples (Internet/Web Services). Also a webinar:[/quote]
Airtable seems to be a nice solution, but the example template is offline. Does anyone has this file?

I think I found it inside IDE. thanks

I think I found and easier and free solution: Set a webhook in IFTTT that receives that data and adds to google sheets!
As IFTTT only receives 3 values, The last value I can use SPLIT function inside Google Sheets

Solved in 12 lines of code!


[code]// Request

// Set up the socket
dim h as new HTTPSecureSocket
h.Secure = True
h.ConnectionType = h.TLSv12

// Set the URL
dim url as string = “{event}/with/key/XXXXX

Dim d As New Xojo.Core.Dictionary
d.Value(“value1”) = “Bilbo Baggins”
d.Value(“value2”) = “29”
d.Value(“value3”) = “29|23|2.5|45.8|3.8”
Dim json As Text = Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON(d)


// Send Synchronous Request
dim s as string = h.SendRequest(“POST”,url,30)


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