One-Wire Temperature Sensor?

Has anyone had luck with connecting a 1-wire temp sensor like the LM35 to a Raspberry? Most internet resources say you cannot read the analog value but should employ a A/D converter. I have found this video: which gives a different idea but if I follow the main part the devices folder in the w1 folder stays empty.

The Raspberry can’t read analog input. For that you need and ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) to convert the analog signals to digital ones.
I have connected a TMP36 to the Pi with an MCP3008 to convert the analog signals. I use Python here so haven’t tried Xojo :slight_smile:

You could also use the DS18B20 1-wire sensor that does not need an ADC. (I used the waterproof version)

Reading the values from a 1-wire sensor like the DS18B20 is basically just reading in the contents of a(or many if multiple sensors are connected) file and parse it.

What about this?
MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier

I use the unipi for that.

the LM35 is not a 1-wire device …
for digital devices, you can use the ds18b20, ds1620, ds1621,ds1624
also sht11 family (sht71,75 …) and you get the humidity for free with the temperature
also the dht22 device (forget the dht11 really not precise)
also the ZMD TSic family can do it for very precise measurments.

Maybe someone have a link for temp sensor or model above 2000ºC ?

type C,D or G thermocouples

Thank you @Jean-Yves Pochez