One cell select in WebListbox?

is there a possibility to select only one cell instead the whole row in a (web-) listbox?

No Ideas???

Capture the cellclick event. Keep row, column properties to remember which cell is selected. Change the cell style to one that makes it look selected.

Does that help?

Not really, cause the selcted Row is also displayed in blue!

Or do I something wrong?

I believe you can:

Listbox1.selected(row) = False

to deselect the row prior to setting the style for the cell.

This is my code, but it works only on the second click…

[code] dim R as integer
dim C as integer

for R = 0 to ListBox1.RowCount -1
for C = 0 to 2
ListBox1.CellStyle(R,C) = Tabelle_UNselected
next C
next R

ListBox1.CellStyle(row, column) = Tabelle_Selected

Listbox1.Selected(row) = False[/code]

I would put

Listbox1.selected(row) = false

before the rest of the code rather than after it.

nope, same result…


no other ideas? :frowning: