On the Positive Side of Things

Nothing is perfect, but I have enjoyed XoJo since I purchased it last year. I’ve also enjoyed discussing various questions and problems here. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on another year at current prices. Nice to know I’ll have an extra year of updates :smiley:


The community is one of the most valuable things to a developer in my opinion. A product cannot be successful with a community and Xojo certainly has a community.


Good to read, @Steve_Batson!

I consider adding Xojo to my toolbox. When starting with Xojo, what particular challenges did you encounter and what would you recommend as helpful resources, for a starter?

Thanks in advance for advice!

thats true but i not like updating because of bug fixing.
i found a new bug which kill the ide at windows after a new project is created if you touch the wrong place … the last example project i made twice^^

Update: free, mostly bug removals,

Upgrade: paying, add new features (may also have bug removals).

I love both.

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2 things drives an upgrade: (a*) New Features (b*) Evolution (a* = novelties b* = enhancements)
1 thing drives an update: fixing those edge case bugs that people found
1 thing repels users: bugs.


Agreed. I’m being optimistic, but hoping to support XoJo while saving some money with early renewal and guessing there will a worthwhile update before renewed time expires.

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My comment is just a generalist reasoning about how things works, not about disagreeing with your personal considerations, that are also valid.

I understand and that’s how I took your response. My response aimed at the thread, not any one person. :slight_smile:

The challenges have been learning a new tool and dealing with situations where either there is a bug or not understanding something after reading the documentation. My best suggestion is to just dive in, learn and ask for help. This group has helped me a lot.


Most people compare a product to what they think it “should” be according their ideal product. This is really tough because every person’s perspective of “ideal” is different. It’s really impossible to meet every user’s expectation and although I catch myself doing this, it really is flawed thinking.

Because I also produce products I realized what a product needs to be is better than the competitive alternatives and not necessarily perfect. If I wait until my product is perfect according to everyone of my customer’s expectations, I won’t be in business long.

Xojo is in business because it offers a better product that what is available for a large enough group of individuals to make it viable. Thankfully, I count myself as one of those customers.


Good reasoning and matter for thought for developers. I too have to drag myself out of the ‘ideal product’ pit from time to time. Thanks @Joseph_E !


Yep! For me, XoJo is like a Double Win.

  1. It lets me easily write MacOS Apps in a Visual Basic like environment.
  2. I can write code once and for the most part Build for MacOS, Windows and Linux!

Since I originally come from a Windows environment, I had no desire and more importantly, no need to learn how to write Mac Apps outside of Apple Script. Same applies to Linux.

Again, it may not be perfect, but XoJo is meeting my needs and requirements.


I have been programming since 1981, through Sinclair Basic, then AppleSoft Basic, then GWBasic, QuickBasic, ZBasic, Visual Basic. Back in 2001, I had a pro license for Visual Basic, but I got Real Basic in the hope of easily porting my software to Mac. After a few days, I generated a Windows executable just to see, and never looked back.

Granted, no development tool is ever perfect, but RB, then Xojo, simply does the job I need for Mac and Windows. The limitations are fairly easily overcomed with declares, or even simpler, with plugins.

Since 2013 or so, I have been enjoying Xojo to create apps for the Mac App Store. Then more recently, I used it to port apps to the Microsoft Windows Store.

Throughout all that, I have many times benefited from the great support this forum provides.

Even if for Android and iOS I use another set of tools in Basic (Android was simply not available, and iOS much too green), I will keep buying a license every year for Mac. I usually did that around Black Friday, to get the discount :slight_smile:

I will keep Web 1.00 for my current needs, and since Windows pseudo transparency would require huge refactoring, I rather keep using 2016R3, which provides true transparency.


I would be willing to pay to have a lot of the “features” added over the past few years removed.


Another thing that repels users: breaking their code (or autocomplete) with “New Features” consisting almost entirely of frivolous fluffery.


Please don’t hijack the thread. The keyword in the subject is “positive”.


There are far more positive than negative sides to Xojo. Only, sometimes people do not see that. It isn’t a perfect tool, but its strongest side is that it is true OOP and RAD oriented. By the way, I am not perfect either not even coming close.


i got a positive response and Javier wrote me a pm so i explain him for reproducibility :slight_smile:

People take the good for granted…Annoyance tends not to be! (particularly if they don’t see a benefit from the thing causing it!)

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