On screen and usb keyboard

Hi, I have a problem. I´m working on a web Application for listing on Pc and mobile Devices. Therefore I use a hand scanner. And that´s where the trouble starts. When the hand scanner is connected to a mobile Device there´s no on screen keyboard, which I need to enter a Quantity. When there is no hand scanner connected to the mobile Device at the start of the App, then there is an on screen keyboard. Is there any possibility in a web Application to use both on screen keyboard and usb/bluetooth keyboard?

Greetings and thanks in advance.

The only solution I see is to create your own on-screen keyboard. It is not that difficult to do with a webcontainer and a series of buttons. Then you display it yourself when needed. You will have to manage the insertion in the quantity TextField, but it is relatively easy to modify the Text property.

If it is Android Device and hand scanner connected through bluetooth check following link


I notice that you mention usb keyboard you can try same trick may be it will work

This tip is only valid for Android. As far as I know there is not the same possibility for iOS.

I am sure there are declares to do that in native code, but since it is a Web app, there is no way to tap into the framework.

We’ve created a WebContainer Numeric Keypad using an iOS like keypad to make entering quantities easier. Looks like this:

The image is stored in the WebContainer properties as a base64 picture so we didn’t need to include the image file in the project.

Here’s an example project: http://CampSoftware.com/files/LongTerm/Xojo/XanaduKeypadNumeric.xojo_binary_project.zip
It’s also on the Xanadu ‘Other’ Web Page: https://github.com/campsoftware/Xojo-Xanadu

Wow, those are a lot of answers :slight_smile: Thank you for your answers, they will be helpful.

Hi Florian, i’ve made an on-screen keyboard for a raspberry pi project, at this link you can see a screenshot: