Omegabundle 2017???

I just recently got back into Xojo, had RB 5+ years ago, and am Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Omegabundle 2017 being planned?

currently no.

that’s too bad

Well, it could happen later or next year or never.

If you need anything, simply buy it when you need it.

I have bought a few bundles in the past. For now, I am using only one or two controls out of all these packages. According to me, it’s better just to buy what you need and when you need it.

Same here. And by the time I could make use of something from the bundles the version was too old and would need to be upgraded anyway. That’s why I skipped the last two bundles.

Omegabundle is back

Same procedure as last year.

Looks quite good.

Screen shot from

@Dana Brown
I think the announcement is missing chartdirector.

Interesting. Cool bundle…except for the BBCodeLabel in the JeremieLeroy bundle, which did not work with 2016 r4.1, so I doubt it works with the new version. 5 emails from different addresses and no responses over several months to me means abandoned pretty much, so beware if you get the bundle wanting to use that plugin.

The offer ends soon.
Please order now if you want to take advance of the offer!

Yeah no reply to numerous emails to Jeremie Leroy either, I read from others that have the same issue with him not responding, not sure why its even in the bundle.

Yep. What’s sad is, I love his plugins. The Custom UI is really great (and working with the newer version at least). I only wish the customer service was better overall, especially where this BBCodeLabel plugin is concerned. And these aren’t cheap, either! I’ve sent a total of 7 emails from 2 addresses, plus his own contact form over the last few months, so I know i’m being ignored deliberately.