Omega Bundle

I plan to buy omega bundle. I already have some licences for MBS, AppWrapper and Heinugur. If I buy today a plan did my current licenses are prolonged for a year after the end of my last purchase or just for a year from my omega bundle purchase?

AppWrapper adds one year to your existing plan - just received my new license key, and my AppWrapper plan is now valid until Oct. 2024. Think this is true for MBS and Einhugur, too. But @Christian_Schmitz and @Björn_Eiríksson can answer this direct.

Paradigma (Makers of the Valentina DB Server, Reports, ADK and Studio Pro) don’t add a year to your plan, the license starts with day of purchase…

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If you have a few of the things, the bundle does have a bit less value for you.

For MBS, if you have the products in the bundle, we just add time.
Otherwise you may get a new license.

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If people want to add year to existing instead of getting new license then they can contact me and I change it basically.