OLM to PST Conversions

I need to import email files from outlook for mac 2011 to outlook for windows.

I have made a folder that contains all the emails in .olm format using outlook 2011 and have transferred that file to windows desktop. Now I need to import this file to outlook 2013 and I see no import option available for olm files.

So how can I convert these olm files to .pst files so that this folder can be imported to outlook 2013?

Have you tried search for “olm to pst converter” on google then you find many free applications for that.

Or do need it for your own Xojo program ?

You can use IMAP folders to do this. I’ve used hMailserver ( a free windows email server ) on a local machine and setup a temporary IMAP account on it. You can connect to the server from the MAC and copy the messages to the IMAP folder and then from the Windows Machine copy them into the PST file. It’s ONE free way to get it done, there are others too though.

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