OLEObject not working with Outlook 2019

I’m experiencing a problem using the OLEObject with Outlook 2019. I have an application that processes emails which works fine with Office 365. I’m opening the email and accessing various properties using the OLEObject:

' Connect to Outlook
Dim objOutlook As New OLEObject("Outlook.Application")

Dim myItem As OLEObject

' Open the email message
myItem = objOutlook.Session.OpenSharedItem(txtPath.Text)

' Display a property
MsgBox myItem.Value("HTMLBody")

' Or 
MsgBox myItem.HTMLBody

'Close the Email

If I open an email file using Outlook365, all the properties are available. However, if I use Outlook 2019, a lot of the properties throw an error. Some properties that fail are HTMLBody, SenderName, Body …

Example errors I’m getting are:
OLEException,-2147467260,Unknown error: -2147467260, (failed on “HTMLBody”)
OLEException,-2147352567,Exception code 4096: The object does not support this method., (failed on “Body”)

Does anyone have any ideas or do I need to open a ticket?

Thanks in advance

I’ve raised a ticket <https://xojo.com/issue/59228>