OleObject; AddHandler


After searching a lot, I did not find an example for handling events with an OleObject.

[code]Dim Obj As OleObject
Dim R As Variant
Dim P(3) As Variant
dim URL as String

URL = “http://…/wiki/asp/REST.asp?P={%22Method%22:%22Name%22,%20%22Nr%22:12345}”

Self.XMLHTTP = New OleObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)
Obj = Self.XMLHTTP

if Obj<>Nil then
//The following implemenation errors on OLEException (Type mismatch)
//Obj.Value(“onreadystatechange”) = AddressOf onReadyStateChangeXmlHttpRequest
//Of course, no static onreadystatechange available
//AddHandler Obj.onreadystatechange, AddressOf onReadyStateChangeXmlHttpRequest

P(1) = “GET”
P(2) = URL
P(3) = True

Obj.Invoke(“open”, P)
end if[/code]

How can I bind an event to an OleObject instance?
Is it done by AddHandler?

Any example would be helpful.

Thanks a lot,