Older Versions of XoJo - Can They Be downloaded and used with newer license?

I recently purchased XoJo with the recent version. Is it possible to download older versions that would support creating Windows XP apps and run separately from my my current version? Would my purchased license support back versions?

Yes I know, XP isn’t used much these days, but if I wanted/needed to write an app for it using XoJo, it would be nice to have the ability even though XoJo as a company isn’t supporting it anymore. I’d be fine being on my own for support when using the older version.

I asked a while back, they said no, but your mileage may vary. If no-one responds, an email to hello@xojo.com might be needed.

I thought I remembered hearing the opposite at one time… but they change how the verify licenses a few years back IRC,

Since I Have even mostly current the last 20 years I have licenses for an pass version do I have looked into it fro myself.


Well a search showed they dropped XP support, so I suspect they would have no interest in providing old code they replaced with newer versions. It’s not that big of a deal, I was mostly just curious. :slight_smile:

From an email Alyssa sent me in 2018 when I asked about access to RB 2012r2.1:

We do not offer trail versions of Real Studio anymore since it’s not something we sell anymore. A Xojo license will give you access to any previous Xojo release but not Real Studio.

Older versions can be downloaded here. Not sure which version you are looking for, but you can check Resources:Deprecations - Xojo Documentation to see. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, then as Julian suggested please write hello@xojo.com.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. The question is, will my existing new license work with older versions?


Possibly, it really depends on how far back you’re trying to go. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

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Ah yes, if you don’t have to go back to a RB edition then your license should work.

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Goodbye, Windows XP – Xojo Programming Blog
Starting with 2015r3, Xojo no longer creates apps that work on Windows XP.

Resources:2015r3 Release Notes - Xojo Documentation
Note: With 2015r3, Xojo no longer supports building apps for Windows XP.

Yeah I saw those in my searches, I just didn’t know if my license would let me run an old version

You can go back as far as when RealBasic became Xojo. That was 2013? I think?

When they changed the name to Xojo, they also changed the licensing. But a Xojo license should work with any Xojo release, just not with any prior RealBasic release.

Thanks, I’m testing that now and it appears to be working.

Well I did successfully use my second license login to install the last version that could build XP Apps on a Win 7 VM. Works like a charm, I wrote simple test app, built it and it runs in XP just fine. I’m sure there may be some limitations since it’s a 2015 version of XoJo, but at least if desired, I can create something for XP. :slight_smile:


There’s no such change :wink:

RealBasic became RealStudio, which in turn became Xojo.

I believe what Tim is saying, which is correct, is that a Xojo license will let you build apps with any earlier release of Xojo (not Real Studio or REALBAsic though).

The only exception to this is Lite licenses which will only let you build with Xojo 2014r2 and later because they didn’t exist before that release.

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