Old Version Question

I have a license for an older version of Xojo (2017 r11).
Will this version enable me to create a 64bit app for macOS Catalina, and will it also enable me to create a dark mode app?

Thanks in advance.

Dark Mode added I think in 2018r3

x64 I think was 2017 Release 3

Oh dear, looks like I need to upgrade then.
Thanks Mr Franco :slight_smile:

You are welcome Mr. Summers :slight_smile:

Xojo 2016r3 (and maybe a bit earlier) could build 64bit MacOS apps, but they weren’t Dark Mode capable. The other problem is that you would have to debug in 32 bit mode. I worked this way for a long time, testing and debugging in 32 bit mode, and then doing a 64 bit build. Never had any problems. I have some 64 bit apps that I still maintain and build using 2016v3, because the built apps run faster than they do if built with later Xojo versions.