old realsoftware to Xojo

I have an old version of Real Software and upgrading finally to Xojo. I can’t import my old data base. Please tell me I don’t have to redo all my data. I need some help been too long since I made anything! I have been pulling my hair out please help.

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dim dbfile as folderItem
dim db as realDatabase

db=new realDatabase
dim r as databaserecord
dbfile=gettruefolderitem(“C:\Users\kenworthy\Desktop\elite fitness\RealDB2.rbd”)

This is how I did it in RealBasic years ago.

I don’t tHink REALDatabase is supported anymore … Only REALSQLDatabase…

I think he needs teh last release that supported REALDatabase to do that conversion…

I thought the REALDatabase was a SQLite DB so he could just use SQLiteDatabase instead…?

I found something referring to NewREALDatabaseOldFormat in the documentation and it seems to have been removed from 2008r4…

[quote=72481:@shao sean]I found something referring to NewREALDatabaseOldFormat in the documentation and it seems to have been removed from 2008r4…


REALDatabase = home grown at realsofware … and was slow and buggy

REALSQLDatabase = SQlite

I understand that I must use SQLite now, but is their any way to convert my old data base to SQLite or do I have to re-enter all my old data? And how do I convert my old coding to new Xojo. Its very frustrating.

You’ll have to go back a few versions of Real Studio (2008 R3?) when the old format and new format were both in the framework. You’d have to write a converter that pulls data from the old one format and puts it in the new format.

If my memory isn’t failing me, I believe Paul Lefebvre sold a class or utility that would do that for you. I have no idea if it’s still available or not as that’s pretty ancient (in computer terms).

You’ll have to be specific here. There have been several database formats:

RealDatabaseOldFormat (original database format included with Realbasic 2+)
RealDatabase (available starting with Realbasic 5.5 through about 2008; unfortunately it does not work on Intel versions of OS X)
RealSQLDatabase (SQLite; available starting with Realbasic 2005)
SQLiteDatabase (SQLite; available starting with Xojo 2013 Release 1)

Going from the older RealDatabase formats to the newer SQLite-based formats will be challenging. You’ll have to create an app using an older version of Realbasic that supported both formats.

I once had a project that did this, but I’ll have to dig around to see if I can find it.

It was Realbasic 5.5 and I used the database in the software never made it SQLite. If it is a lot of work I might just put it in a Xcel spreadsheet then convert it to SQLite. But then I have to figure that out as well. It’s been 10 years so I am very rusty and everything has changed.

Thank you for your input.


I think this is what you are looking for.



your problem have two “understandings”:

a. How do I get my data back to be used in my newly created xojo application ?
Export the database contents using the old version and import them into the new application.

b. How do I convert the previous application data base structure to xojo current version ?
Check Andre’s advice.

At last, do not forget (this time) to add an export as text function to your current application (Xojo created) (or any file format it pleases you and will still be available in the future).
What you can also do is to create a document who will explain your data base structure (description of Tables with Columns, etc.), so the next time you will have drastic changes,you will know how your current (xojo) data base was created.