Old documentation

I am trying to update a large Xojo project from 2012. I need the documentation from that era. Is there a place where old pdf versions of the documentation exist?

Can’t you use the local docs?


I am not sure what you mean here. I downloaded RealStudio 2012 Release 1.2 but by this time the documentation no longer came as a PDF. I could not open the program itself to see if the Help menu would access the old version of the documentation because of some licensing issue although I have been a continuous user of REALbasic Xojo since 2000.

Julia, thanks for the link. I could extract the Tutorial and User’s Manual from 2010 which is somewhat helpful. But the Language Reference was not included. I suspect that by then it was already not available as a PDF.

So I guess what I am looking for is the last available PDF version of the Language Reference for REALbasic. I was able to find the Language Reference from 2006 on some of my old hard drives. If there is a more recent one than that, I would like to be able to access it.

It’s in the zip file I uploaded for you.

What I see in the zip file:
REAL Studio Quick Start.pdf
REAL Studio Tutorial.pdf
REAL Studio User’s Guide.pdf
Read Me (folder)
2010 R2 Documentation Read Me.pdf

2010 R2 Documentation Read Me.pdf has the information:

[quote]When we released REAL Studio 2010 Release 1, we announced that we were moving
our documentation away from PDF to an on-line wiki. The purpose of this is to make it
easier for us to update the documentation and get it to you on-line as quickly as
possible. For REAL Studio 2010 Release 2, we are taking the next step in that
In this release, if you have an internet connection, choosing Getting Started, Tutorial or
User?s Guide from the Help menu will open your browser and go to wiki-version of these
documents. The Language Reference will also show the wiki version but will open in its
own window in the IDE as it always has. If no internet connection is available, the PDF
version of the document will open instead. Because we are no longer updating the PDF
versions, temporarily, the PDFs will continue to be from Release 1.
For REAL Studio 2010 Release 3, which will ship this summer, the PDFs[/quote]

I did not see the Language Reference, sorry.

Hm, I must’ve erred when selecting files for compression, sorry.


This is also a pretty great document. I miss PDF documentation.


Even the old versions should have Help -> Language Reference in the menu.

Yes, and because it’s web-based, it will show newer documentation.

It probably cant access the old licensing server or something
You used to be abel to log in to your account and grab a code you could manually install & it would work[quote=482753:@Julia Truchsess]Yes, and because it’s web-based, it will show newer documentation.

make sure you have Preferences > General > Show Local Documentation enabled
otherwise it goes online

Ah, silly me :slight_smile: But I still prefer the PDF.

Not withstanding issues contacting the old licensing server, I’m going to speculate that the fact that the app won’t open is because it was 32-bit and you’re running on Catalina which can’t open 32-bit apps.

Julia, thanks for hanging with me.
Gavin, actually I have stayed on Mojave for the moment because of various apps that have not made the transition. (Including the compiled version of the app I am trying to update. )

That compiled version still runs (in Mojave) but I cannot run the development version because there are so many errors that have shown up since 2012. I have lots of graphics in the app so the loss of the graphics property of a Canvas causes a multitude of errors there. I suspect I can figure this out by assigning them all a picture property and writing to that etc. But I haven’t gotten to dealing with that yet.

The weirdest problem is that I made the “mistake” of subclassing the “EditField” (now the “TextField”) and subclassing the UpDown Arrow class. In the subclassing, I created a property called “value”. It was a very unfortunate choice for the name of a property. This code is from the era that TextFields did not have a Value property. Rather they had a Text property. But currently, they have a Value property.

So in my code I have thousands of instances of .value or .Value

Meanwhile, in that era, there were controls (like Checkboxes) that did have a Value property.

I can rename the property in the subclasses to something other than “value” but converting all the instances where it appears in code is difficult because there are many places in the code where .Value is legitimate and needs to be unchanged and there are many places where it needs to be changed to the new name that I have assigned the property.

A bag of hurt.

I needed the old documentation to understand what the properties of TextField were back then.

TextField.Text made so much more sense, and imo the supposed inconsistency with things like checkboxes having a Value property is a non-issue. Pointless pedantry from people who should have much better things to do like fix the bugs in the IDE.

The easiest way to “fix” this is probably to open it in 2019r1.1 and then update your subclass’ VALUE property BEFORE trying to open it in 2019r3.1
At least hat way you wont get interference from all the changed properties & events as well
You’ll just get errors where the VALUE you added to the subclass has been renamed