Old Bookmarks

Is there a way to access our old bookmarks and favorites from the old forum. I had a whole bunch of interesting threads I tagged I’d like to be able to have access to.


PS - I like that users can upload their own photo now rather than using gravitar!

We did not move those over in the migration, but if you’d like we are able to export those and send them to you.


That would be great, thanks Dana. No rush and not a high priority, but it would be nice to have. Thank you!

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Same here. It’s no problem finding topics that I’ve participated in, but there are others that I’ve tagged, and it would be nice to have those back. No rush and not a high priority for me either, but would be appreciated.

could you send my few bookmarks to me too please?

Me Too…!!!

Me three please!

I too would like to keep my old bookmarks please. Thank you.

Would it be possible to send the bookmarks to everyone? That could save time in the long run, I guess.


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I just sent you an email with your bookmarks.


@Andre_Kuiper and @JulianS I have sent you your bookmarks via email.

@Julen_I Sorry, but I don’t see any bookmarks listed for you on the old forum, did you perhaps use a different account?

yup i restored all :slight_smile:

me as well

How did you restore them? By hand one by one??

copied the excel text into search box one by one and then clicked bookmark and copy the clipboard as caption.
i had only 20-30

Thanks Markus.

Thank you Dana

I don’t see any bookmarks listed for you from the old forum.

Dana, will you please sent me (hfgibson2007@yahoo.com) my bookmarks.


In the old forum I used the yellow stars to keep the interesting threads at hand. Where bookmarks something different?

And I didn’t use another account.


yellow star in old forum is something like watching or tracking here.