Old Arrays of Label controls versus the new Control Groups

In ye olden days of RB/RS, by creating an array of labels that were simply used for displaying fixed text, we reduced display update overhead and associated memory footprint. Does that still apply if we use a Control Group for these types of labels? I have a new tool that needs to display over 100 labels (hardware diagnostic tool, so normal UI rules don’t really apply) and I’d like to head down the right path with the code design.

Control Group is simply the new name for “control array” so we can avoid the “but it’s an array” issues about why doesn’t ubound work etc.

So the same considerations apply for large groups of static labels?

Not sure what “considerations” you’re referring to ?
I’m guessing but there might be a slightly smaller footprint since you have one vtable instead of 100 or however many.
Beyond that there’s no particular reason I can think of that there’d be any less overhead for ui updates etc.