Ohanaware turbo charges their (OS X) photo lighting effects app Shine

Jhangle, Pingtung, Taiwan (September 9th, 2013) – Ohanaware Co., Ltd. Release version 1.1 of their photo enhancing application “Shine” for OS X. Shine has been designed to illuminate digital photos by using lighting & color effects, such as Light Rays, Lens Flares, light Source, Dynamic Contrast, Tinting & Vignette. The new version includes some new functions and a refactored processing engine, improving rendering speed, while using less memory. Large images (100+ megapixels) can now be processed via Shine.

What the media, professionals & customers say about Shine

TUAW - “Shine does what it advertises, and does it well.”
MacFormat - 4 Stars - “Capable of creating good looking results, this deserves a place in the kit of keen photo geeks.”
HDR360Pro - “Shine is a godsend for stock shooters! God rays on demand! Thanks Ohanaware!”
5 Star average rating on the Mac App Store (U.S.)

Light Rays

Capturing real Light Rays, takes a lot of skill and the correct conditions. Shine, allows realistic looking light rays to be added after the scene has been photographed.

Lens Flares

Modern cameras and lenses often contain elements to eradicate lens flares. Shine enables photographers to add lens flares to a photo during post processing. Most of Shine’s lens flares are based upon real lenses to produce a more natural lens flare look.

Professional Level Functionality

Shine offers a great deal of control over the Light Rays and Lens Flares, to enable a photographer to add in realistic or unrealistic effects. Version 1.1 reduced rendering time by nearly half and improves memory usage by a third. The refactoring for the latest version has allowed Shine users to apply these effects and more, to images over a 100 megapixels in size. Being able to output the images as a Photoshop document, allows photographers to add Shine into their workflow.

Features of Shine

• Cutting Edge, Turbo Charged “Light Rays” engine.
• Selection of Lens Flares (many modeled on real lenses).
• Large Retina compatible preview, with Full Screen support.
• Tinting for altering the colors or mood of an image.
• Dynamic Range adjustment using the custom contrast effect.
• Alter or add a light source to the image.
• Light Fall Off (Vignette) & Image Glow effects.
• Original comparison.
• Maximizes CPUs & GPUs usage to generate near real-time updates.
• Share images online with built-in sharing.
• Export illuminated photos directly to other photo apps.
• Smart Saving, protects original image, includes all undos and previous saves.
• Compatible with OS X 10.6, 10.7 & 10.8

What’s new in Version 1.1

• Now supports large images.
• Rendering speed is up to twice as fast.
• Uses 1/3 less memory.
• Improved interface.
• New Lens Flares.
• New Light Sources.
• Improved Sharing support on 10.8.
• Improved Retina performance.
• Improved QuickLook.
• Improved Full Screen experience.
• New interface animations.
• Improved Sandboxing support.
• New graphical selectors for Lens Flares & Light Sources.
• Can now continue editing the photo when comparing with the original.
• Minor bug fixes & stability improvements.

Pricing and Availability

Shine is available today from the Mac App Store & Ohanaware’s website. Shine is currently $9.99 USD (Before tax) per single user license, discounted for a limited time from $19.99. A free (watermarking) trial can be downloaded from the Ohanaware web site.

System Requirements

Shine requires a Intel based Macintosh computer, running Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It is recommended to have at least 2 gb of RAM. Please note that users of the Intel HD Graphics 3000, should disable “Use hardware acceleration” in Shine’s preferences for best performance.

About Ohanaware

Ohanaware is a husband & wife team living in the southern tip of Taiwan. Sharing a passion in Mac’s and amateur Photography. Their first product ‘Funtastic Photos’ went on to win 4 star awards from both MacWorld and MacFormat. HDRtist Pro won 5 stars from MacFormat. Their previous games company had a top ten hit with Recyclorama. Joy Sha has a history in the design industry with experience as a 2D and 3D artist, she also holds a masters in 3D animation. Sam Rowlands has been writing software since 1990 and is an award winning software developer.


Sam Rowlands

product info: http://www.ohanaware.com/shine/
direct download: http://www.ohanaware.com/shine/Shine.zip
direct purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/shine-enlighten-photos-hyper/id504464061?mt=12
screenshot: http://ohanaware.com/shine/v110Images/topSplash800.png
second screenshot: http://ohanaware.com/shine/v110Images/concentrate.png
example 1: http://ohanaware.com/shine/v110Images/lightRays.png
example 2: http://ohanaware.com/shine/v110Images/lensFlares.png
example 3: http://ohanaware.com/shine/v110Images/wideBoy.jpg
example 4: http://ohanaware.com/shine/finalExamples.jpg
icon: http://www.ohanaware.com/2013homePage/shineIcon256.png