Ohanaware are proud to release ICNSmini, a bitmap shrinking app for Mac & web developers

Ohanaware is proud to introduce their latest product ICNSmini, which aids Mac & web developers by reducing the file sizes of ICNS, PNG & TIFF image files.

Shrinking ICNS, PNG & TIFF files can shave megabytes of a Mac Application, enabling quicker download times, reducing the applications footprint on disk and improving overall perception of the application.

Shrinking PNG images for a website, will make it load quicker and enable customers to navigate to what they want quicker.

ICNSmini features:
• Can shrink ICNS files, down to 15% of their original file size.
• Converts Iconsets into compressed ICNS files, with the same savings as an ICNS file.
• Compresses PNG files, up to 25% of their original size.
• Can slim TIFF files, on average down to 30% of their original file size.
• Simple Mac like interface, drop images in and ICNSmini goes to work.
• Batch processing (available via In-App-Purchase) allows multiple images to be processed in one go.
• ICNS element stripping, helps to reduce ICNS files by removing unused elements.
• Converts some classic ICNS elements to the more modern versions.

Notes: Actual compression rates will vary, dependent upon the content of the image. ICNS compression can reach 15% when additional “Element stripping” is enabled in the preferences, otherwise ICNS average rates are about 25% of their original size.
ICNS element stripping will make the ICNS file incompatible with OS X 10.6 or older.
PNG compression is processed by the open source pngquat project.

System Requirements:
OS X 10.9 Mavericks or newer, compatible with OS 10.11 El Capitan.

ICNSmini is available today and is free from the Apple Mac App Store. Batch Processing is available via In-App-Purchase, without batch processing images can still be compressed, one at a time.