Ohanaware AppKit

Does your AppKit offer a full fledged Finder/Mail-like Sidebar / SourceList control? It looks like it might from your website but I’m curious if the control is fully fleshed out.

I’m currently writing my own but wondering if it’s actually worth reinventing the wheel or not.

Is there documentation for the collection?

Hey Garry,
I don’t know if you’d consider it fully-fledged or not, it depends on what functionality that you’re looking for.
It’s a listBox subclass so most of the interaction is done as you would expect, except for icons. You can still use the Xojo functions for icons, but it has a new property “rowAttributes” which enable/allow template icon colorization, to which there’s options.

When it’s used with the OWScrollView, you also get “Vibrant” highlight which is auto adjusts to Catalina and below or Big Sur.

There is some documentation, I also wrote this article here, trying to explain how to install it. It’s hard for me to write documentation, because I suck at it!

As for re-inventing the wheel, there’s some pride in rolling your own, but it can also save time by using someelses. At least with the App Kit, it’s all Xojo code, to which you own a license to use and modify as you see fit. But not resell or redistribute.

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You’ve sold me. Just purchased the Omega bundle.

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