Offline Web App

I am working on a new project where I need to create an app to run on phones but want it to work offline. Ideally I dont want it to be a iOS / Android app and would prefer it to be a Web 2.0 application that runs offline. Is it possible to do this?

Web 2.0 create web applications that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can’t create a Web 2.0 application that can run on iOS / Android.

It’s not possible to have the “client side” offline. It’s “server-client” always online or it will give you a message “lost connection” or something.

If you mean “on network, LAN” then yes that’s possible but it needs to run on windows, linux or macos

Sorry I have not explained very well.

What I want to do is create a web app which will run on a Linux box, probably Xojo Cloud. But what I need is to be able to create an app icon on the iOS mobile (and Android) which is fine I can do that part but what I need to be able to do (what I am asking) is to be able to have the content of the web app downloaded so that it can work offline and the content of the web app working when no internet connection is available. I guess like a PWA type site.


No. That is not possible.

On the contrary, that is the definition of a Offline Web App.

All the logic is the Xojo Web Apps is in the server side and currently Xojo cant create client side logic, so, NO, you cant create Offline apps in Xojo.


Xojo creates a client/server app with an HTML/JS User Interface. Without the server, no interface.

Whilst your need is for mobile, I will be creating a desktop offline web app presented through a webview control with the server portion local.

Even if the server is local, it is ON LINE. A off line Web App can work without a server or with intermitent conections.

Fair point :+1:. My requirement is for the app to work with no internet connection and this is my definition of offline for my need.