Office Automation - Save As Tab Delimited

I’m importing data from some pretty large Excel files using Office Automation. If I save the Excel file as a tab delimited file and read it in as a text file the process is about 10 times faster. I’m dealing with a lot of Excel files so it’s not practical to save them as tab files manually. Can anyone tell me how to save a worksheet as a tab delimited file using office automation?

In all MS Office applications you can do it manually while recording a macro. Go to the VBA code-editor and see how it’s done in VBA.

On a Mac, you could use the tool Keyboard Maestro. Not too hard to write a macro to save a folder full of Excel files to Tab-delimited text files.

Hello Mario,

Try this method for a tab-delimited file in Excel:

Now why didn’t I think of that? Some things are so simple when you know how. Thanks for your help

That worked perfectly thanks and thank you to everone else that replied

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