Offer for a iOS app project

15 years ago, with RealBasic, I made several desktop apps which have been published on my website. Three months ago, with Xojo, I made a iOS app which runs well on the simulator. Then I attempted to put it on Apple Store, but it was a long obstacle course, so that I gave up. If one of you thinks that my app is worth being on Apple Store, I give him/her free. You may make changes and build it under another title. Here is a link to download it :


I renew my proposal. I am a French statistician, used to programing. I have made a iOS app which runs well on the Xcode simulator. But I did not achieve to submit it for Apple Store. After many attempts, with the kind help of Jeremie, I was discouraged and gave up. However my app could be useful to many people for everyday decision making. Have a look. I would be pleased to hand over to a Xojo programmer who could submit the app to Apple Store, under a new name. Thanks in advance.

Jean-Marie Gogue
Versailles France