[OFF] A brand new “kind” of window (or new feature)?

I do not really know what I’ve done to get that window, but look by yourself:

That window have two Tabs…

This is a Xojo 2015r1 project and this window is not meant to look like that; its size stops at some pixels below the flags (20 pxels); the window in the other Tab have this size.

The only thing I’ve done differently while running in the IDE, was to add Command-Option-N as a shortcut for the Linux window, then run and press the keys.

I didn’t know it was possible …

Running OS:
High Sierra (a buggy one, apparenly).

You mean to have a Tab bar in the window?


Jean-Yves: I will read this article at once.

I need a break because of this ßfiÚîƒ◊º project (I have text that is draw… not where I told it, and in windows I do not make changes at all / was working fine yesterdays…

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The explanation is as clear as a night without moon, on December 26th !

Selecting Merge All Windows puts each comic window into its own tab.
I do not have this MenuItem. In Fact, I do not have a Window menu.

I waas able to replicate the process two times, but now it simply display my window, and this is with Cmd-Opt-N, no Cmd-T. (French OS / Keyboard layout).

Nota: MacWorld.co.uk is also crystal clear (irony mode set): they have an article about downloading macOS versions from the past. They do not tested their article with a M1 computer ‘cause mine reject Catalina downloads attemps: "Your computer cannor run this OS“, he says. I was able to download Snow Leopard, Lion, High Sierra…

That High Sierra I installed on an external T5 (Samsung).

What you see here is what OSX does these days if you open two document windows from the same app.
You can turn off that behaviour on a machine -based basis.

or you can use a bit of code to disable the feature for your app.

Xojo doesnt handle this very well because when a window is turned into ‘one of several tabs’, no resize event is sent. Controls at the bottom of the screen are lost until the window is resized.
And if you have windows that expect to be a certain size, they can look stupid when forced to be the same size as another document (same as the enforced ‘full screen’ issue from a few years ago)

Thank you Jeff for the hint.

I am on this project since June 6th and it’s the first time I get that (probably because of the keyboard shortcut I used), from time to time.

BTW: How goes Liberty Day ?

OK: I fired TextEdit and pressed Cmd-Opt-N; the File menu flashed and a brand new / empty tab appears…
I inspected the File menu: no entry that suggest this feature.

Its not your app. Its OSX.

if you dont want it to happen, put this in the App Open() event

      declare function objc_getClass lib "Cocoa.Framework" ( name as CString ) as ptr
      dim nsWindowClass as ptr = objc_getClass( "NSWindow" )
      declare sub AllowTabGrouping lib "AppKit"selector "setAllowsAutomaticWindowTabbing:" ( classPtr as Ptr , enableDisable as Boolean )
      AllowTabGrouping( nsWindowClass, false )
    end try

(And please… I cannot even look at the words Liberty/Freedom Day or Brexit without wanting to instigate violence on certain people in power. Just don’t mention it.)

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Thank you for the code.

For the “also”: I understand.