Odd bug in iOS rendering

Hi all,

I really don’t even know how to describe this. I have a little webapp I’ve thrown together and on a desktop, it works exactly as expected. Click on a button, the list view shows up, click on an entry in the list view, the detail panel appears with the relevant data in it.

The problem seems to appear when run on iOS and only on iOS. I’ve checked it on my actual iPad as well as in the iOS simulator running in Air mode. What happens is if I select row 1, only the webtextarea data in the detail panel appears, the logo, title, phone number, web address fields don’t appear anywhere. If I select row 2, all of its relevant data is displayed. At first I thought it was every other row, but I’ve come to find it’s not every other row, but it’s specific entries. As a matter of fact, the other objects don’t even appear (I’ve shaded them to test so if there was no data, it should have been a gray rectangle on the labels).

No matter what row is clicked, the same code is executed, so if it works for one, it should work for all. I’ve stepped through to make sure it had the data to display, all is good. I checked the objects to make sure they were visible, all is good. I’ve looked at their numeric positioning and all appears to be correct. I’ve checked the Z index, nothing is changing between the ones that show everything and the ones that don’t.

The most frustrating is that it works perfectly on desktop in both Chrome and Safari.

The container has:
1 webimageview
3 Labels
1 webtextarea

Has anyone run into something like this?

I have narrowed down the problem a little bit. It seems that if the content that is to go into the WebTextArea is > than a certain number of characters (in my case, 575 - I’m not sure if it has to do with the size of the textarea) it causes the other objects on the given panel to not display (so in my case a page, and within that page you have an object that has an image, multiple labels and a textarea, if the text area contains >575 characters on iOS, it won’t display the labels or the image.)

I thought I had made some progress, but I feel like I’ve gone a bit backward. I found on another panel that has a smaller webtextarea that I’m running into the same issue with fewer characters. It appears to be happening to me when the characters exceed the frame of the webtextarea it’s causing other objects on the page to not render. BUT if I scroll in the text area, everything else will pop onto the screen. It’s almost like it’s not fully updating the page to make it all visible. I can’t seem to replicate it in a small project so I’m not sure what I could have done…