ODBCDatabase.PrimaryKeys() should return RowSet, but actually returns Recordset

Case #61466
Xojo Version 2019r3.2

I did not tested it with 2020 Release 1, but maybe you can fix it in 2019r3.2 too.

Steps to reproduce:
Var rs as Rowset = db.PrimaryKeys(“TableName”)
Type mismatch error: Expected class RowSet but got class Recordset.

Recordset was deprecated in 2019r3.2

If this is present in 2019r3.2 this isnt a Beta / testing bug and should probably not be posted in the testers channel

The whole of ODBCDatabase needs work, this is an old issue <https://xojo.com/issue/57977>


I’ m sorry. I thought that the testers channel is not for beta testing only.

IF There’s a bug, present in the current product being developed/fixed, it MUST BE pointed out and fixed. Just it. This one is a “showstopper”, because in the current “supposed model”, RecordSet does not exist anymore, it was superseded by “RowSet” and it’s methods. Even the docs says RowSet, but the reality shows another thing.

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No need to apologize
That looks to be my fault for not paying attention to what channel the post was in

This is still happening in Xojo Version 2020 Release 2.1.

Did anyone ever file a feedback?

That’s why i’ve cancelled my subscription. It seems that this issue is not important enough for xojo.

Did you file a feedback?

Julian has posted a feedback in October 2019 (ID 57977).

While <https://xojo.com/issue/57977> was fixed, <https://xojo.com/issue/61466> was overlooked at the same time. Seeing that 57977 took almost a year to fix, I would expect 61466 to be fixed around early August 2021. I look forward to being proven wrong in my estimation.

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Don’t worry, the other database plugins were given just as little care. MySQL raises a syntax error if you use the framework BeginTransaction method. In MySQL the actual verb you need is START but nobody at Xojo really cares: <https://xojo.com/issue/60656>

As users, we even tried to fix it ourselves because the MySQL plugin source is included with Xojo, but the source project is missing vital components so there’s nothing we can do.

None of this helps on a technical level, I’m just trying to offer these notes as sympathy because you are not alone in your frustration.

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I’m thinking they are all focused on getting Android completed.