ODBCDatabase and DB2 wrong Error Handling

Problems using the ODBCdatabase with DB2 V10.5 Express C on Windows or Linux. Problem: Creating a table in DB2 will lock the System Catalog table SYSIBM.SYSTABLES. When selecting with SQL against this Catalog Table, normaly you will get a SQLCODE -911 Deadlock or Timeout.

The Xojo ODBCDatabase returns Error 0 and the Recordset has the Entries from the Catalog Table until the Locked Creator.

Thats fatal, it seems you get all the data, but you only get a subset of data. Maybe this will happen in outher circumstances. I have tested it in the following way:

Start the first SPOC (my Xojo Project) program with the SQL

create table joerg.test_lock (f1 char(20), f2 bigint, f3 timestamp)

then the program waits to user respond commit or rollback, that means, the System Catalog Table SYSIBM.SYSTABLES is locked exclusive by this program.

Start another instance of this Progamm with the SQL

select distinct creator from sysibm.systables

Then after 30 Seconds (the LOCKTIMEOUT Parameter of the DB2 DB is set to 30) the program returns all creators including joerg, wich is the
creator where the table will be created.

Other (VB dot Net) programs return the -911 deadlock error.

Any ideas?