ODBC Question

I am using RHEL 7 with 32 bin libraries installed. I have both 64 and 32 bit versions of iODBC installed as well.

Can anyone tell me how Xojo loads the iodbc libraries - i.e. what location it loads them from? I have defined a new LD_LIBRARY_PATH to attempt to point it to the correct 32 bit library but it is not working. I am using a 32 bit driver and I have a 32 bit version of iodbc working and connecting on it’s own. But Xojo seems to just grab the default version with no way of changing it.

Any ideas??

OK - I solved this problem myself - posting answer here. I had to remove the existing iodbc libs and replace them with the correct ones at /usr/lib (I could not specifiy an alternate location, xojo seems to ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

Then I had another issue which was that Xojo could not find my odic.ini file no matter where I put it ~/.odbc.ini /etc/odbc.ini … nothing. So I ended up having to specify all the connection parameters in db.datasource.