object2d documentation or tutorials

I am looking for some documentation, examples and/or tutorials on programming using object2d/object3d. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a copy of Eugene Dakin’s ebook on programming the canvas so have a very basic understanding of graphics programming.


I shared in this forum an example. Did you make a search for Object2D in the Forum ?


Godo readings.

BTW: you can put an Object2D (or more…) as vector object(s) in pdf (or bitmap).

No save as vector files as default in Xojo.

Thanks Emile. I did do a search on the forum and found lots of discussions but not the two you mentioned. I will look at them and hopefully things will get clearer in my mind.


I searched with my name and found the second. To get the first, I added the archive file name.

For sure, a search on this forum is very far from optimized. The return stuff appears in no date temporal order at all…

@Emile Schwarz Very nice examples! … and with good explanation in the code!
Thanks for sharing!! :smiley:

Here is some Object2D information:

Not sure what Object3D would be, but this site covers some 3D stuff using OpenGL:


Thanks Paul. I will be following up your link