object properties in inspector

I am designing a web container control.
It has two properties at the moment rows and columns.
When I place my web container control on my web page, the properties (rows and columns) are not editable at design time.
I seem to remember having to add an attribute to the property and then I’d be able to set the objects properties in the Inspector.

Right-click on the Container Control in the Navigator and select “Inspector Behavior”. Check the box next to the Row and Columns properties. Now when you drag the Container onto a WebPage, these properties will appear in the Inspector.

merci mr the bean.

Is this supposed to still work in the latest release? Is it restricted somehow to web-only? I can’t find any way to get some custom properties (of type Picture) to appear in the inspector on a canvas subclass I’ve created.

Nevermind - I kept right-clicking on the property itself, not the canvas subclass. Found it.