OAuth / OAuth2 library for Xojo?

Does a vanilla (not Google specific, Twitter specific, etc) Xojo OAuth/OAuth2library exist in any form? Even if it’s a paid offering I would be interested in taking a look at it.

I am too much of a newbie to tackle OAuth stuff from scratch.

Thanks to anyone who knows!

There’s lots of conversations on here about OAuth
No idea who has a working implementation they might share

And there is the MBS Curl plugin you could use

Wow I did not know about that Curl plugin!

My previous/major project relies on curl for everything, but I use Shell Execute and an external curl.exe (for Windows, and integrated curl on Mac OS) to manipulate the data

I wonder if I convert over to using the MBS curl plugin if it would be more efficient/faster…?

Also anyone reading this thread with knowledge of OAuth2 should make a library and sell it :slight_smile: Good business opportunity here!

I think we have an example for twitter for oauth.
Should not be too difficult to change URL.


We are working to use Trustelem to have SSO on your apps.

I don’t understand why the MBS Curl plugin can help me in this case. @Christian Schmitz do you have an example ?

I have found Chilkat plug-in, but I can’t try before purchase, someone know this plug-in ?

Chilkats plug-in :

Example :



The Chilkat plugin is fantastic. Of course, you can try before you buy. It should be pretty straightforward to make the example into working Xojo code (there is some code missing).

I’m using Chilkat plugin as well for OAuth and all HTTP requests.
It’s quite easy to use in Xojo and support is fast and efficient.

Saved me lots of headaches !

I use Chilkat as well. The examples (there are plenty) are super easy to understand and not hard at all to modify to meet your needs.

And, as Beatrix pointed out… it is free to try. That gives you enough time find out if you like it.


I’m also a Chilkat user and have a couple of apps using OAuth2.
There are many Xojo samples on Chilkat website and the documentation is really fine.