O/S desktop background image

Anyone know if you can set the OSX desktop background image and windows desktop image from Xojo? The O/S desktop image itself.

Found this for Mac :
As it scripts the finder, this will not work for sandboxed applications.

For Windows it seems the data is stored in a registry key :

For Mac:, if you have the MBS plugins you can use:

NSWorkspaceMBS.setDesktopImageURL(file as folderitem, screen as NSScreenMBS, options as dictionary, byref error as NSErrorMBS) as boolean

Or if you are handy with declares see this link

MacOSLib has the declares for NSworkspace already done for you
(and so much more)

I downloaded it, but I’m new to Desktop, I formerly work on WebApps with Xojo.

How can I use it and change the background?

sorry for the questions.

I’m thinking about to buy a Xojo Pro Licence. This would be my first little project :wink: