Numerous issues with old app

Please kindly forgive me if these issues have already been questioned.

I have an old app that some users use. We’re talking, REAL Studio 2010 type of app. Carbon 32-bit.

I need to update the app for 64 bit. That also means Cocoa.

Issue #1: The app uses floating windows. As soon as the user interacts with the main document window, all of the floating windows disappear.

What version of Xojo are you running your project with now?

I’m going to suggest that you tackle one problem at a time:

  1. Cocoa
  2. 64-Bit
  3. Retina if you need to update your graphics.

That’s a little too vague. If you run the app in the IDE and step through that code, can you tell what code ran just as the windows disappeared?

This is so screwed up.

For no reason in particular, now the main window of my app is just not showing up.

There is no code to step through. It just never appears.

Yet the window exists. MainWin. I can see it in the debugger.

Visible is true. Top, left, width, height are all reasonable.

MainWin is an implicit instance type window. I do not use “new MainWin” anywhere. There can only ever be the one single MainWin.

I added a menu item to the project. All it does is This shows the window. (that was never hidden to begin with? wtf?)

This bug only occurs if at a certain point in my code, I use a msgbox.

I fixed the floating pallets.

In my code, I was doing this (in a function called ShowPalettes), for some reason. Probably to work around some old REALbasic bug.

if propertiesopen then PropertiesEditor.Visible=false PropertiesEditor.Visible=true end

Doing this apparently causes a new Xojo bug where the window is no longer visibile even though you set it to visible. So the new code is this:

if propertiesopen then PropertiesEditor.Visible=true end

Now the floating windows work correctly.

You should use code not quote:


so it looks like this:

if propertiesopen then PropertiesEditor.Visible=true end