I try to use NSVisualEffectView…
I use this cose:

dim WindowEffectView as new NSVisualEffectView( 0, 0, 220, 500 )

It always returns the error:

Can't find a type with this name

Do you know why and how I can fix?

NSVisualEffectView is not a native Xojo class.

You need to use a plugin such as Monkeybread http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.net/class-nsvisualeffectviewmbs.shtml or try to write the proper declares to access the native library.

Maybe you tell “NSVisualEffectViewMBS”, I can’t buy this plugin :frowning:

Where I can take a guide of cocoa framework?

These would be the docs, but I’m far from an expert on how to write the declares since I rely on Christian’s plugins.


You might want to poke around the MacOSLib open source project. I did see the NSVisualEffectView class in there, but I haven’t tried to work with it.


Thank you Jared! I’ll try.

while plugs-in have there place for some people, this points to the second reason I dislike them.

I’m a single developer working for an enterprise.

I (and the people that rely on my applications) value speed, reliability, and expert support over learning the intricacies of building my own library of declares that get the job done, but are not fully functional.

I’m not sure why you felt the need to call that out in this thread.

Edit: Also, Xojo’s own tagline is “Rapid app development”
We could all be programming in Objective C, Swift, or C#, but we chose Xojo for a reason.
Plugins are fully within that programming philosophy.

Jared, I was not "calling you out", I simply used a statement you made to support an opinion of mine, that Plug-ins may have a place for some people (such as yourself and other), but in the long run too much dependance on them creates code that may be unsustainable at some future date. My statement had nothing to do with you personally whatsoever, and I apologize if you believe it did.

Dave, I stole (read: borrowed) your quote for my Facebook page. Brilliant!

LOL… I made that up on the fly… my original thought had been “TV Dinners” instead of “Fast Food”, but then I figured most people could not relate to a “TV Dinner” anymore

On the flip side of this, I believe that plugins are quite a bit more than fast food. You still need to write code and design your apps. You don’t need to raise chickens to know how to use an egg in 100 different meals.

With fast food, you’re buying whatever they sell and consuming it as is.

I come here to get programming help, not to get hunger pangs :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use the RetinaKit, NSVisualEffectView and NSLabel are included.

If you have time and the ability then by all means do things yourself. Build your house, your car, your food, do your own maintenance, etc.

But I didn’t want to be a builder, and plumber, and gardener. I wanted to be a Molecular Biologist.

So I do rely on builders, and plumbers, and gardeners.

And I appreciate their work very much.

And to ensure this thread remains wildly off-topic…

Carl’s thoughts

Your parents must be disappointed in you :stuck_out_tongue: