NSStatusItem icon

Hi guys, I’m looking for a little help with an NSStatusItem app. My handler for the NSStatusItem doesn’t open a menu. Instead, I have it set up to open a custom window. This is no problem but I’d like the NSStatusItem icon to stay highlighted after it’s clicked and while the window remains open. I am using MacOSLib.

Thanks for any pointers.

Try ShowModal.

Well I’ll be buggered… It looks like Apple are doing away with the NSStatusItem, with 90% of functionality deprecated in Yosemite :frowning:


Until I read that, I was going to suggest using a custom view, this way you can draw the selected background when you want. However there is no guarantee that it’s going to work in a future version.

Whoa, NSStatusItem is really changing.

from these release notes

Apples docs aren’t updated to show this -button property but I did find it in the headers

@property (readonly, strong) NSStatusBarButton *button NS_AVAILABLE_MAC(10_10);

along with the comment

Custom views should not be set on a status item.
The button property with a template image will allow proper styling of the status item in various states and contexts and should be used instead.
(My headers are out of date and NSStatusBarButton only shows one boolean property.)

This SO post has an idea how to work with -button for a similar keeping-it-highlighted situation

Yeah, it seems to be mostly passed on to NSStatusBarButton, as Will says. It’s only deprecated though, a quick test shows the old NSStatusItem functionality is fine for now in El Cap.

[quote=203857:@Will Shank]This SO post has an idea how to work with -button for a similar keeping-it-highlighted situation

Thanks Will, this looks like my best shot.

I can confirm that with PB3 it does still work, but that doesn’t mean that come GM it will. With Yosemite Apple changed a couple of things with the GM, okay they removed some system icons that my app was using! Wasn’t impressed as my app was working during the DPs but then I get a bunch of crash reports once GM ships.

Hopefully this year it’ll be better.