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I am trying to use this in my CONTAINER.OPEN Event and I realize this is from the example of a Window.

dim n as NSScrollViewMBS = me.NSScrollViewMBS
n.scrollerStyle = NSScrollerMBS.NSScrollerStyleOverlay
n.verticalScroller.controlSize = NSScrollerMBS.NSSmallControlSize
n.verticalScroller.knobStyle = NSScrollerMBS.NSScrollerKnobStyleDark
n.scrollerKnobStyle = NSScrollerMBS.NSScrollerKnobStyleDark
n.verticalScroller.scrollerStyle = NSScrollerMBS.NSScrollerStyleOverlay

I am sure I am missing something easy, but I have tried a bunch of things as the Handle and I can’t get this to work on my container. Am i going about this wrong?

The container contains a canvas class that I am needing to scroll. I don’t need to scroll the content of the canvas purposely, I need to Scroll the actual left/top of the Canvas.

Any insight would be appreciated!!

Thank you in Advance!!!

well, there may no scrollview put in place by Xojo for a container!?

and the NSScrollViewMBS function is just for Textarea.

Ok thanks Christian that explains that. I am basically trying to get native NSScrolling without declares w/ your plugin on a container. Is this possible?

Thank again!

this would require to move the container out of the window, put a scrollview there and put the container in the scrollview.
This is change to the control hierarchy and not recommended.

Of course we could ask an Xojo engineer if we get trouble doing it.

Thanks Christian. If Norman/Greg/Joe see this could you weigh in please? :slight_smile:

I made two cases in Feedback: 37744, 37746

I have here an example. I could email you a copy to test?

That would be very good and than you Christian!

Christian I received your zip files and I so very much your support. AS Always your support with your Plugins are top notch! Thank you again!