NSHighResolutionCapable Enable Script Causes App Corruption

Hello guys,

I did put the Enable retina script from the docs, the app runs nice and it changes the interface a lot, in a good way but the bad thing is that it brakes somehow the app itself after build.

It seems that after build i dont see the "Version : " on the App info anymore and once i go into the app and press Show Package Contents and try to open info.plist it tells me that i dont have the permissions to open that file . and once i make the .pkg file with pkgbuild the icon of the app dissapears as well.

This all happens only if i run the script :

[code] Dim appName As String = CurrentBuildAppName
appName = ReplaceAll(appName, " ", "\ ") // Escape spaces for the command line

Dim appPath As String = CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + appName + “.app”

Dim command As String
command = "/usr/bin/defaults write " + appPath + “/Contents/Info ““NSHighResolutionCapable”” YES”
Call DoShellCommand(command)[/code]

Any ideas ? I`m testing that on 10.11.3


Sounds like ACLs, you can use CHMOD -RN to clear them.

You can also give App Wrapper a try, see if that makes any difference.

Hi Sam,

So far the chmod does not help and it seems that the issue is related to pkgbuild since the latest release of OSX it is causing this issue, the app is ok, i can open the plist after i build it in xojo, but once i pack it and i install it it goes nuts, no more icon and the plist is forbidden for opening so something on that, i have to dig more i guess.

Thanks for the info.

+1 on the App Wrapper thing.
If you distribute Mac software, it is worth every penny.