NSError Code Lookup Tool

So, as we know, sometimes error codes that we get are system error codes that we have to look up (like IOException)
We used to be able to just look at the Apple documentation and glance the enum to find the right one.
Then Apple made their docs hard to read.

Now you have to dig around framework headers to find the *Error.h files and look through those.
No fun either.

I wrote a quick app (sorry, but it would have been a lot of declares) to look up NSError codes.
Just type in the number (don’t include the - if it has one) and if it’s an error code with a Localized Failure Reason the window will slide down and display the error reasoning to you! Super simple, super easy.

Huge thanks to @Sam Rowlands for Iconographer, and AppWrapper
(I had to sign externally because my dev subscription expired but my signing cert has not!)


Thanks Tim for sharing the app (and the promotion).

osstatus.com is very handy for this.

Hah, thanks.
That would have been nice to find before…

:frowning: requires 10.11 …

Sorry, just built it with the Xcode defaults.
I changed the deployment target to 10.9 and reuploaded, see if that helped.

The website Joe linked has more information than this app. This app can only look up Cocoa errors, whereas the error code that inspired the whole thing (-1407) is a Carbon error. I can’t believe that website didn’t turn up in all my searching.

well it opens under 10.9 but every number I try does not give any answer, some window seems to appear and disappears immediately . anyway don’t worry, don’t loose time fixing this.

I like better http://osstatus.com/ :slight_smile: