Notifications and background action

Hi guys, Im using the local notification example that Jason King provided in this topic.
a) I would like to send email without user interaction.
a2)If not possible, then upload a text file to dropbox without user interaction and check it with another client.

b) Is it possible to know if the iphone is moving/roating while the app is in the background?
b2) Is it possible to check if the user did not do anything for a while? I want to know if the client used his/her phone in the past 3 hours.
b3) if the user missed his/her notifications, then do something in the background that informs another user?

Hi Rolaand most of what you want to do is not possible and this is not a Xojo restriction.
a) you would need to use a REST web service or similar the native class requires interaction.
a2) I’m not sure. The Dropbox classes which work in Xcode do not currently work in Xojo so again probably you need a web service.

b) maybe this changed lately but previously you weren’t allowed to continue monitoring device motion when your app goes to the background to save battery. It might be different with iOs10 now though - I haven’t checked.
b2) I don’t think so - but maybe you’ll find something with Google.
b3) I think you might be able to schedule a task to happen after a time using Apple APIs but cancel it if the user launches the app again. I’m not sure about this one though.

Hopefully this helps,

not so good knows, but thank you :slight_smile:

a) Yes it is possible, I do it for all Unhandled Exceptions and “Give feedback” as I don’t want to expose my email address.

I use Mandrill for this, unfortunately you need a paid account at Mailchimp now to use Mandrill, even for 10 emails per month.

If you want the Mandrill classes for Xojo, send me a PM.