Notification to an iWatch

Is it possible that a Xojo App running in a RPi sends a notification to an iWatch ?
Anyone have experience on doing something similar ?

You would need to have an iOS app running on the user’s phone first. The user gets to decide if the notification is mirrored to their watch. Beyond that, you would need to implement or subscribe to a way to send remote notifications to the user.

Thaks @Greg_O
So I could send the notification from the Xojo App runing on an RPI to a web server. From there a Xojo iPhone App could consume a Xojo web service that tells the App that a notification was delivered by the RPi. And then the App will share that notification to the iWatch which whom it is paired.
That is the process involved ?
If so, how the notification is shared between the iPhone App and the iWatch ?

That all sounds correct.

That’s done by the user in the Watch app.

@Greg_O ,
When you said the Watch App, it is a different App than the iPhone one ?
If so, that App is written in Swift or in XCode ?

If all you need is to get a notification on the Apple Watch, you don’t need a watch app.
The app running on the iPhone is enough.

Notifications received on an iPhone are also sent to the Apple Watch.
The best example is WhatsApp, it doesn’t have an apple watch app but one can still respond to messages directly from their wrist when receiving a notification.


If you want a Q&D approach, use a service such as Pushover, which already has native iOS & Android apps. Then you just make API calls to the service from whatever app (including xojo desketop apps) and you get notifications to the mobile device(s).

I’ve never used from an RPi, but I have from both console and desktop apps so I don’t see any reason it should not work from the RPi as well.

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Pushover is a great solution!


Thanks @Douglas_Handy & @Jeremie_L
Pushover is really great.