'Notes' TextArea within TabPanel is not selectable in IDE

Try this for fun:

  1. Create a new Desktop app and drag a tab panel onto it
  2. Name the first panel as anything eg Details. Name the second panel as ‘Notes’
  3. In the second panel drag in a TextArea and call it ‘Notes’
  4. Move to the first panel then back, and the Notes TextArea is not selectable on macOS
  5. Rename the Notes TextArea as ‘Notes123’
  6. Move to the first panel then back, and the Notes123 TextArea is now selectable again!

I have tried renaming other objects in the TabPanel with the same name as the panel name, but only ‘Notes’ seems to produce this issue. The solution is to select it in the left object list.


perhaps “NOTES” is the issue, since the IDE has a “NOTES” section… rename to “myNOTES” and see what happens

:frowning: “Notes” is probably reserved by the IDE. same problem that you’d have if you named it “Methods” or “Events”.

Good to know why, thank you!

Maybe if you replace Notes with Lotus :wink: