Notes replacement app

Windows 10 Pro.
It is possible to insert notes in the navigation panel. This is pure textual.
But I would prefer a more extensive option.
I would like to be able to insert pictures / screenshots / bold / italic / different font sizes …
It should be possible to insert all the daily changes,
It should have a TODO list , a bugs list, a New ideas list, Tips&tricks., …

How do other Xojo programmers keep track of there work on a program, other than in the notes ?

Is there a program that can do this ?
Preferably free or not too expensive.



yes it is possible, and has been for years. But you may type only plain text. nothing else. You may have many notes inside a project. I used them to notes changes for each steps during development. For me steps are backups of a project.

Things is you can’t move them everywhere.

with FTC now being open sourced, it should not be too difficult to make your own ?

Sorry, I don’t get that acronym, FTC = Federal Trade Commission ?

FTC = Formatted Text Control

Yes, you can actually do what you want (drag to the Navigation pane many different file types.

BUT: BEWARE, at compile time, they are added into your application.

As was said earlier, you can write your own using a TextArea (including local links to images if needed; a click in the link loads the image in Paint/Preview for example). Your imagination will be far better for your needs than mine.