Notes on the hotel


You can get $5 per night for not using house keeping. Don’t forget to spend it at the bar.

Do you have other tips?

They probably don’t appreciate the password being public. Especially since you’re given it when you check in.

  • The water by your TV is free. The Voss is not.
  • Bruegger’s across the street is literally the best bagels ever. (but this one closes at 4!)

The coffee shop in the corner of the hotel building has good coffee (and its close). Its the best non-chain coffee I have had since I have been here.

If you want a great burger i highly recommend the bison burger at Rock Bottom Brewery on 16th.

Back East Bar and Grill has quite a selection of beers.
The rib tips and mini-corndogs are great.
16th and Champas

Mici italian for pizza, pasta, soup

Vegan/Veggie Restaurant: City, O’City

You can use the stairs in the hotel if you wish despite the emergency use only signs. Entrance/exit is behind reception desk. Clearly your choice may depend on which floor you happen to be on! Follow the blue line on the floor.

Panzano - across the street - great, high-end Italian dining, if you are looking for something upscale and, well, not cheap. DELICIOUS though! Perhaps a Friday night celebration location? Also, if you are sticking around and want some local charm, my sister owns 3 local bar/restaurants: Westrail Tap & Grill in Lakeview (, The Flying Pig Burger Company in Littleton ( and recently-opened Bertha’s Bistro ( in Denver. (The food is AHHH-mazing.)

If anyone is still around this weekend
has good food and $2 wine

We will try to gather a group for a dinner tonight. I’ll make an announcement at the Feedback session.