Notes - Load at Runtime

If I create a module and insert a note, how do I load the contents of that Note at runtime?

As an example, I’ve created a note (“SQLNote”) containing SQL needed to create the tables for an SQLite database file. I want to load the contents of that note into a string at runtime. Something like:

Dim sql As String
sql = SQLNote

I think the notes are just for leaving notes to yourself or someone else who will look at your code… Look at putting your SQLNote text in to a constant to do what you are looking to do…

Using a constant will work. Thank you.

Correct, Notes cannot be accessed at run-time. They are like really long comments.

You can also just drag a text file into the project and use it like in your first example.

Paul: How would I reference the text file in code?

just by name
it behaves like a constant

This worked nicely. Many thanks.