Notepad ++ User Defined Language

I use Notepad++ in conjunction with XOJO for keeping code snippets when I am editing, as well as QSnipps. The program has just been updated to include user defined languages (easier than it did before) with an inbuilt editor. Rather than type all the XOJO keywords and classes in by hand, is there a predefined list somewhere that I can cut and paste?

Its probably a plugin language that can be added to Notepad++ page as well so won’t harm from a publicity point of view.

I have been using the VB language spec in Notepad++. It is not perfect, but better than nothing. Perhaps we should file a feature request with the Notepad++ team? - Indeed, that would also provide visibility for the Xojo language.

Notepad++ would need to support text and also XML Xojo formats. The current XML template correctly opens XML files, but the language itself is not highlighted.

The great thing is with the new editor it sits alongside the N++ window and as you add keywords and make changes you can see the effect straight away on your code in the main window. It shouldn’t take me long to figure out a decent xojo file. Even with a few keywords, and operators the code is infinitely more readable than it was in notepad. Its just a chore typing in the keywords :frowning:

Have a look at Jeremy Cowgar’s indispensable FormatCode IDE script. It contains most keywords in the first two arrays. The script is available on GitHub at

Any further work or discussion of this…?

I have done the file, and uploaded to Notepad ++ languages site but it all seems a bit slow there. I will stick it into my dropbox when I get home later and post a link here.

Dropbox link to definition file, works for me but no guarantees. In notepad++ , just click Language -> Define your language, then click Import and select the file I have shared.